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How Much LESS Home Can You Afford to Buy Due to Interest Rate Hike?

By Jade Goodhue We’ve been paying the piper after enjoying nearly a decade of low-interest rates for the last decade. With the real estate market shifting and the Federal Reserve hoping

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Can We Stick That Soft Landing?

By Jade Goodhue Based on numbers, there are more and more reasons to be optimistic about our economy sticking to the soft landing or at least another delay in the recession forecast. It seems

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What's Going On in the Real Estate Market in the Geneva Lakes Area in July 2023?

By Jade GoodhueThe economy and the real estate market have proved surprisingly resilient despite the banking crisis, rate hikes, and the debt ceiling. While that resilience hasn’t eliminated

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Mixed Messages Muddles Economic Forecast

By Jade Goodhue There are mixed messages in the market:  On one hand, we have steadily declining inflation and a strong labor market.On the other hand, we have rising interest rates,

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