Sara Dickfoss | REALTOR®


What Motivated Me to Start a Real Estate Business

I believe Simon Sinek puts it best, “If you want to feel happy, do something for yourself. If you want to feel fulfilled, do something for someone else.” The realm of real estate is a fascinating place, where there are many in’s and out’s that are hard and confusing to learn about, but the second you are helping a client find their dream home, that fulfillment rushes in and is one of the best feelings in the world. I can help someone change their lives by finding the perfect place to come home to every night and starting the basis for creating the most memorable memories. Waking up and knowing that I can be changing someone’s lives for the better every day is truly extraordinary, and putting my all into that is the most important thing I can offer.

I’m also driven to create something from the bottom up as I did with my debate club. Starting your own business is a powerful tool. I’m proud to work tirelessly day in and day out to create this once dream. Working hard every day and giving your all is one of the most integral parts of a real estate business. My goal is to share with all my clients the best experience that I can offer. 

Unique Skill Sets I Bring to You & Your Family

Conversing, and especially listening, has always been fascinating to me. According to Psychology Today, only about 10% of people have grasped the power of listening effectively.  I believe this is integral in the real estate business, as my job is to help those who need my help and create the best environment for them for their own needs. After creating my debate club, I had the opportunity to listen to others over the years, which has led me to grasp the power of listening effectively. Many people can hear what others say, but it is much harder to fully master what someone wants and help their clients achieve their dreams.

What I Stand For

My company motto is: No One Expects More From Us Than We Do. As someone who rechecks everything that I do and makes sure it is as close to perfection as I can make it, this motto resonates with me immensely. I want to hold myself accountable and enhance my clients' experience to the utmost level. This can only be done through holding myself accountable, being honest, and always learning as much as I can about real estate. 

What Can I Add to Your Real Estate Experience

I stand by, never standing down to a challenge, whether this is in work or my personal life. This brings me an edge that other real estate agents do not have the time for. I believe proving myself in this industry is major. I want to serve others through real estate, as I feel fulfillment working in this industry, turning a house into a home by bringing the right people to it. Without the right person to create this branch, that right home could never be found. 


About Sara

Ever since I could remember, some of my fondest memories were coming up to Lake Geneva and marveling at the wonders of the lake and the beauty of the town. When I was 11 years old,  I was able to call this place my home and have since continued to marvel at this area and all the hidden gems it has to offer. Since then, I have been an active member of the community by hosting blood drives with the American Red Cross, Coats for Kids, Oktoberfest volunteering, and many other unique opportunities. I am thrilled to continue volunteering and serving the community while working in real estate.

I have a passion for service in all of Walworth County and beyond, and I am ready to help with your home buying and selling needs. I carry the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything I do. My mission is to approach each new client with the belief that they deserve the best real estate experience that they have ever gotten and ensure that every expectation has been surpassed. 

When I am not making your dreams come true in real estate, I enjoy spending my time walking in my community, especially around the lake walk, and creating new events around the area for all to participate in. I hope to share the wonders of this area, with others, through their real estate journey!

Contact me at:

Phone: 262.475.4500